Monday, July 22, 2013

Heterodontosaurus Illustration Project Commences...

Just started working on my heterodontosaurid chapter's illustrations.

First did some sketches reconstructing from photos of specimens and previous reconstructions...

Then decided to try my hand at painting it in Photoshop. SO MUCH FUN! This one still has some work to be done on it, but it's coming along I think...

More to come soon!

~ Ali

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog dedicated to my scientific illustrations! I will be posting illustrations as I do them for my dissertation work as well as just for fun (yes, that includes non-ornithischians). For this first post I will just post illustrations I've done in the past. Hope you like it! I would love some feedback...

The first five illustrations are from my upcoming book chapter in "The Hadrosaurs", edited by Dr. David Evans and Dr. David Eberth. They will also be included in my dissertation:

Parasaurolophus skull with arrows showing pleurokinetic jaw mechanism.

Generic hadrosauroid predentary in different views.

Kritosaurus predentary-dentary articulation.

Jaw joint articulation in generic hadrosaur.

Rostral view of hadrosaur (minus premaxilla and predentary) showing mediolateral rotation of dentaries proposed in the book chapter.

The following are random illustrations I've done just for fun (some of which might go into my dissertation. We'll see...)
Caiman -- Pen and Ink (first sketched in aquarium)

Pteranodon skull - Pen and Ink

Styracosaurus skull - Pen and Ink

Camarasaurus - Photoshop painting - Emaciated apparently (sorry, was experimenting with shading in Photoshop. It's fun! I got carried away...Sue me.) :P

Stegosaurus - Photoshop painting

Asian elephant skull - Pen and Ink

Gomphotherium skull - Pen and Ink

Moeritherium skull - Pen and Ink

Feedback would be awesome! Thanks everyone! More to come soon...

~ Ali